• Does the hay or straw sweat under the black plastic?
    No, unlike sheet plastic, which traps the moisture in and causes the hay or straw to sweat, the Caps allow the bales to breath and the air to circulate.
  • Will rain leak between the folded edges?
    No, the caps are wider than the bales, and as you push your Hay & Straw Capped bales together at the top of the stacks, the folded edges butt up against each other. The only way rainwater will get in between your bales is if you leave a gap in your stack.
  • Why don’t the Hay & Straw Caps overlap (like roofing sheets)?
    • It would allow the wind to get under them.
    • You wouldn’t be able to build or remove the stack from either end.
    • It would be difficult to align an overlapping Cap as you can’t see the back of the top bale as you stack.
  • Can the Cap blow off in strong winds?
    No. We have had bales blown off stacks in Australian storms with Hay Caps still in place. The Hay Caps were undamaged and still attached to the bales. Other farmers have lost hay shed roofs in windstorms, however Hay & Straw Capped stacks alongside have remained intact.
  • How long do they take to put on?
    A single person can apply a Hay & Straw Cap in less than a minute, even in windy conditions. Remember the Caps are applied at ground level.
  • Can I stack 2 rows of bales side by side?
    No. Your stack can be as long as you wish however you can’t stack two rows side by side. Hay & Straw Caps are designed for single row stacking only. You need a wide enough gap for the water to drain away.
  • Why aren’t they made two bales long?
    Although this would enable the stack to be twice as wide, you cannot lift two bales wide at a time with a loader. Hence, you would not be able to put the Cap on at ground level.
  • How high & long can I make my stack?
    As high as you can safely stack the bales but generally 6-7 bales high. You can make the stack as long as you wish.
  • Do I need to re-tension as the stack settles?
    No, the Caps are fitted to the top bale only and therefore doesn’t come loose as the stack settles.
  • How long will they last?
    The Caps are reusable year after year. The plastic supplier suggests at least 10 years however maybe much longer. If used for its intended application we have empirical knowledge of the product to suggest the Haycap will perform well in excess of these 10 years, perhaps as long as 25 to 35 years plus.
  • How much gap do I need between my rows of Hay or Straw?
    This is dependent on drainage. Preferably orientate stacks north south to allow sunshine to both sides of the stack.
  • Where should I build my stack of Hay or Straw?
    This is dependent on drainage. Preferably orientate stacks north south to allow sunshine to both sides of the stack.
  • How quickly will I see a return on investment?
    In some forage crops the top bale will be worth more than a Cap resulting in a return on investment in one year. With reference to Straw, depending on value a return would be seen within two years.
  • How much storage room do they take up?
    When not in use, Hay Caps stack neatly on top of one another, preferably on a long pallet, and can then be stored in the corner of a shed. 100 Caps stacked is about the size of a 8’x4’x3’ bale.
  • How much do they weigh?
    Approximately 7kg each.
  • How does delivery of my new Hay & Straw caps take place?
    This depends on your delivery address. We can arrange delivery for you. If you are in Yorkshire, depending on quantity, we can delivery your Caps in our vehicles at a time to suit you. For deliveries outside Yorkshire we can arrange delivery through our National distribution partner. For deliveries outside the UK please contact to make arrangements.
  • Can I collect my Hay & Straw Caps?
    Yes, you can collect your Caps with pleasure by prior arrangement.
  • How can I order my Hay & Straw caps?
    You can either call David on 07957 125741 or email your enquiry or/and order to: sales@haycap.co.uk